an extensive Qt4/Qt5 Plotter framework (including a fast variant and a LaTeX equation renderer!), written fully in C/C++ and without external dependencies
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 Build Instructions
 Example & Tutorial Projects
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Very simple line-graph
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Simple line-graph with live-data (speed test)
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Line Graph with Different Symbols and Line Styles
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Step Line Plots in Different Styles
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Simple line-graph with error bars
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Different Types of Errorindicators
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Simple barchart
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Simple stacked barchart
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Filled Curve Plots
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Simple impulse plots
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Scatter Graph with Parametrized Symbols/Colors
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Draw an Artistic Image with a Parametrized Scatter Graph
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Plotting Parametric Curves
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Plotting Mathematical Functions as Line Graphs
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Plotting Parsed Mathematical Functions as Line Graphs
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Plotting Geometric Objects
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Boxplots
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Violin Plots
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Line Graph with Logarithmic y-axis
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Date/Time Axes
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Advanced Line and Fill Styling
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Styling different aspects of boxplots
 Tutorial (JKQTPlotter): Styling a JKQtPlotter
 Example (JKQTPlotter): QImage as a Graph
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Simple math image plot
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Image Plots with Custom Palettes
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Simple math image plot with modifier datat
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Simple math image plot without use of central JKQTdatastore
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Simple Math RGB/CMY Image Plot
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Simple math image plot, showin a 1-channel OpenCV cv::Mat
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Simple RGB image plot, showing a 3-channel OpenCV cv::Mat
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Simple math image plot, showin a 1-channel CImg image
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Simple math image plot, showing a 3-channel CImg image
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Contour Plots
 Tutorial (JKQTPlotter): Using a JKQTPlotter inside a Qt User Interface Designer (UI) File
 Tutorial (JKQTPlotter): User-Interactions in JKQtPlotter
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Laying out Several Plots
 Tutorial (JKQTPlotter): Styling a JKQtPlotter
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Image Plots with Custom Palettes
 Tutorial (JKQTPDatastore): Basic Usage of JKQTPDatastore
 Tutorial (JKQTPDatastore): Iterator-Based usage of JKQTPDatastore
 Tutorial (JKQTPDatastore): Advanced 1-Dimensional Statistics with JKQTPDatastore
 Tutorial (JKQTPDatastore): Regression Analysis (with the Statistics Library)
 Tutorial (JKQTPDatastore): 1-Dimensional Group Statistics with JKQTPDatastore
 Tutorial (JKQTPDatastore): Advanced 2-Dimensional Statistics with JKQTPDatastore
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Laying out Several Plots
 Example (JKQTPlotter): Plotting a Statistical Distribution of Data
 Example (JKQTMathText): A simple usage example
 Example (JKQTMathText): A test application
 Example (JKQTFastPlotter)
 Example (JKQTPlotter): CMake Example
 Licensing Terms for JKQTPlotter
 What's New (Release Notes/Versions)
 Test List