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JKQTPlotter::MouseDragMarker Struct Reference

describes a marker to be drawn by paintUserAction() More...

#include <jkqtplotter.h>

Collaboration diagram for JKQTPlotter::MouseDragMarker:

Public Member Functions

 MouseDragMarker (const QPoint &pos_, const QString &label_, const QString &title_, const QColor &color_, const QImage &keymarker_=QImage(), JKQTPPlotElement *_graph=nullptr)

Public Attributes

QColor color
 color for the marker More...
 graph that created that marker More...
QImage keyMarker
 key marker image More...
QString label
 marker label More...
QPoint pos
 position of the marker in screen pixels More...
QString title
 graph label More...

Detailed Description

describes a marker to be drawn by paintUserAction()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MouseDragMarker()

JKQTPlotter::MouseDragMarker::MouseDragMarker ( const QPoint &  pos_,
const QString &  label_,
const QString &  title_,
const QColor &  color_,
const QImage &  keymarker_ = QImage(),
JKQTPPlotElement _graph = nullptr 

Member Data Documentation

◆ color

QColor JKQTPlotter::MouseDragMarker::color

color for the marker

◆ graph

JKQTPPlotElement* JKQTPlotter::MouseDragMarker::graph

graph that created that marker

◆ keyMarker

QImage JKQTPlotter::MouseDragMarker::keyMarker

key marker image

◆ label

QString JKQTPlotter::MouseDragMarker::label

marker label

◆ pos

QPoint JKQTPlotter::MouseDragMarker::pos

position of the marker in screen pixels

◆ title

QString JKQTPlotter::MouseDragMarker::title

graph label

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