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JKQTPlotter::MouseDragAction Struct Reference

ties a MouseActionMode to a mouse-button and a keyboard-modifier More...

#include <jkqtplotter.h>

Public Slots

 MouseDragAction ()
 constructs an invalid object More...

Public Member Functions

 MouseDragAction (Qt::MouseButton _mouseButton, Qt::KeyboardModifiers _modifier, JKQTPMouseDragActions _mode)
void clear ()
bool isValid () const

Public Attributes

JKQTPMouseDragActions mode
Qt::KeyboardModifiers modifier
Qt::MouseButton mouseButton

Private Attributes

bool valid

Detailed Description

ties a MouseActionMode to a mouse-button and a keyboard-modifier

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MouseDragAction()

JKQTPlotter::MouseDragAction::MouseDragAction ( Qt::MouseButton  _mouseButton,
Qt::KeyboardModifiers  _modifier,
JKQTPMouseDragActions  _mode 

Member Function Documentation

◆ MouseDragAction

JKQTPlotter::MouseDragAction::MouseDragAction ( )

constructs an invalid object

◆ clear()

void JKQTPlotter::MouseDragAction::clear ( )

◆ isValid()

bool JKQTPlotter::MouseDragAction::isValid ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ mode

JKQTPMouseDragActions JKQTPlotter::MouseDragAction::mode

◆ modifier

Qt::KeyboardModifiers JKQTPlotter::MouseDragAction::modifier

◆ mouseButton

Qt::MouseButton JKQTPlotter::MouseDragAction::mouseButton

◆ valid

bool JKQTPlotter::MouseDragAction::valid

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