an extensive Qt4/Qt5 Plotter framework (including a fast variant and a LaTeX equation renderer!), written fully in C/C++ and without external dependencies
Here is a list of all modules:
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 JKQTFastPlotter: Speed-Optimized Plotter classThis is an indepent (and fully self-contained) plotter class, which is optimized for drawing speed, rather than output quality. It lacks several of the advanced features of JKQTPlotter, but can be used in cases, where fast update of plots or real-time plotting is required
 JKQTMathText LaTeX-Renderer for QtThis group contains JKQTMathText, a self-contained LaTeX-renderer for Qt. It is used to renderer labels in JKQTPlotter, but can be used independently. The class does not depend on any library, except Qt. In particular it actually parses a LaTeX string and draws it in pure C++. It does NOT rely on an installed LaTeX for the rendering!
 JKQTMathText Render-Tree Items
 JKQTPlotter: Qt based Scientific Plotter ClassA Qt based plotter for 2D scientific graphs. Main Plotting widget is JKQTPlotter
 Data Storage Classes/System
 Interfaces To Other Libraries
 CImg Interfaceing Tools
 OpenCV Interfaceing Tools
 JKQTPlotter Styling System
 Plot Elements
 Basic (non-graph) Plot Elements (coordinate axes, ...)
 Graph Classes
 Barcharts, Impulse-Charts, ...
 Baseclasses for Graphs
 Mix-In Classes for Error Indicators
 Mix-In Classes for Plot Styling
 Diverse Other Graphs (Ranges, ...)
 Filled Polygon/Area Graphs
 Geometric Elements (Lines, Rectangles, ...)
 Line/Symbol Graphs
 Basic Line/Scatter Graphs
 Function Graphs
 Parametrized Line/Scatter Graphs
 Parsed Function Graphs
 Matrix/Image Plotting
 Contour Graphs (based on Image Data)
 Image Graphs
 Image/Matrix Overlay Graphs
 Tool Functions & Classes for Image Drawing
 Tool Functions to Build Lookup-Tables for Palettes
 Statistical Graphs (e.g. Boxplots ...)
 Overlay Elements
 Plotter Class & Plotter Widget
 Qt Widgets/Tools to work with JKQTPlotter
 Comboboxes for Properties of JKQTBasePlotter/JKQTPlotter
 Qt Data Models to Access Graphs in a JKQTBasePlotter/JKQTPlotter
 Support Classes and Functions
 Support Function library (e.g. for JKQTPlotter)This group contains several tool functions and datatypesthat are neccessary for JKQTPlotter, JKQTMathtext and the other major classes in this library, but may also be used separately. The functions and datatypes are sorted into several functionaly groups
 Additional Tools for Qt
 Additional Widgets for Qt
 Code Structuring Tools
 Debugging Tools
 Diverse Algorithms
 Drawing & Graphics Tools
 Enums for JKQTPlotter (including String Conversion)
 Mathematical Computations & Expression Parsing
 Data Array Tools
 Linear Algebra Tools
 Mathematical Functions & Tools
 Parser/Evaluator for Mathematical Expressions
 JKQTPMathParser Error Handling
 JKQTPMathParser: Memory Representation of Expressions
 JKQTPMathParser: Utilities
 Statistical Computations
 1-dimensional Histograms
 1-dimensional Kernel Density Estimates
 Kernels for 1-dimensional Histograms
 2-dimensional Histograms
 2-dimensional Kernel Density Estimates
 Kernels for 2-dimensional Histograms
 Basic statistics
 Grouped statistics
 Polynomial Fits/Regression
 Regression Analysis
 Statistics To Plot Adaptors
 String/String-Conversion Tool Functions